Hotels and resorts
in Montenegro and Bulgaria

in privileged holiday experiences

––––  ABOUT US  ––––

Our company cooperates with many hotels and resorts in Montenegro, Bulgaria, Spain, Canary Islands, Thailand and Cyprus. We have more than 10 years of experience in the world of luxury holidays and gift cards.

INVERSIONES INMOBILIARIAS DUANIC LP is a trusted partner for tourism companies providing their clients with pre-paid travel vouchers for an excellent price. The Voucher scheme has proven to be an effective tourism stimulus, and to date, has generated an excellent stimulus to Montenegro and Bulgarian tourism companies during the difficult COVID-19 period.



––––  How does it work  ––––

It’s not a secret in the business world that if you buy something with making a payment in advance you get a significant discount since the seller receives money for his cash flow.

We make an agreement with hotels and resorts, and they issue a prepaid voucher/gift card that can be bought in advance to use their services.

We sell the vouchers to
travel companies

Travel companies sell the
vouchers to their retail clients

When making a booking the retail
client uses a voucher and receives
a significant discount

––––  An example  ––––

A client from Finland is willing to travel to Montenegro for 5 days. He is looking for an affordable accommodation. He buys a pre-paid voucher of 250EUR from a travel company – our client. The voucher covers 3 nights in the resort.

The real price of 3 nights would be 550EUR but as the client bought the voucher and hotel got the money few months in advance the client gets the service for 250EUR.

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